4 weeks

Thank you God for what you have made. You have made everything outside of me. You have made the whole universe. You have made everything inside of me including this little person the size of a poppy seed. My little one already is programmed for height, for hair color, for eye color. I don’t know these details yet, but you do God. Please keep my little one safe and keep him growing. I trust you to help give life and growth to this precious little one behind my belly button and near to my heart…

1 thought on “4 weeks”

  1. This is a beautiful blog. We have lost three preborn grandchildren–or have we gained three waiting for us in Heaven?–but we have others to enjoy here, and we enjoy them immensely. You might enjoy this post from my blog about a loss: grandmastreasures(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2015/03/05/im-just-as-disappointed-as-you-are-grandma/
    and this one about a tiny treasure: grandmastreasures(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2016/01/01/ode-to-a-baby-granddaughter-2/

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