40 Weeks

Eternal God, I thank you for what you have created behind my belly button and near to my heart. This pregnancy has seemed like an eternity. Thank you that it is finally nearing completion and a new human being will soon emerge. I am grateful for the love and care you have shown me and my precious babe over these 40 weeks! Thank you for every last detail of her growth. Thank you that she is still growing hair and nails. Thank you that you are perfecting her ability to breathe. I am anxious about her birth. Help me to breath! Help me experience your presence and your peace during the birthing process. Most of all God, I pray my little one will know you have created her for eternity. Everyone spends eternity somewhere. Make her aware and open to the perfect way you want to save her. So that one day when she walks away from you, as we all do, she will also choose to come back to you through your Son, Jesus. You are forever gracious. I am eternally grateful…

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