Behind my BellybuttonAll boys want to be big, especially on their birthdays.  As Eli wakes on his birthday, he is definitely not happy.  That’s because his brother claims Eli is only little.  Then Eli’s mama tells of the day God created him.  He really was only little, just the size of a teeny tiny poppy seed. Find out how Eli discovers God was growing him bigger then and is growing him bigger still.  Will Eli have a happy birthday after all?

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Your child’s journey has just begun, and concerns already riddle your mind.Not being able to see what’s happening inside your womb can be unsettling. Why not start praying for the precious one who’s multiplying rapidly inside you? Pregnant and Praying is a collection of simple prayers based on baby’s prenatal development from weeks four through forty. This little book will relieve your anxiety in a big way as you talk to the one who knows everything about your precious child. God also knows everything about you and loves you dearly. He wants to replace your worries with his calm.

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