Sometime before midnight, after Jesus had prayed, the religious men who wanted to kill Him captured Jesus, arrested him and took him away to the official in charge. Early the next morning, Pilate had Him whipped 40 times across His back until He was bleeding. Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong. The religious men wanted Jesus killed because they were afraid people would stop following them and start following Jesus.

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest friends. But after Jesus was captured, Peter got scared. He knew they wanted to kill Jesus. Maybe Peter would be next? So Peter said three times about Jesus, “I don’t know Him!”…”I don’t know Him!”…”I don’t know Him!”… That’s when the rooster crowed and Peter remembered what Jesus had spoken to him. “Before the rooster crows today, you will deny me three times.” How did He know? Peter ran away crying and ashamed.

(C) Elaine Tomski, Author of “Behind My Bellybutton”

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