Near the end of the week, Jesus had a special dinner for his closest friends. We call it the Last Supper. Jesus said, (my paraphrase) “Remember me when you drink from the cup and when you break the bread. When you see the red juice, remember how I bled and died FOR YOU. When you break the bread in two, remember how my body was broken when I died FOR YOU.” Jesus was promising to forgive our sins. He was also promising that death would not win.

After dinner, Jesus went to the garden to pray alone to God, His Father. Jesus was a man, but He was God, too! The God part of Him was willing to die on a cross because He loves you and me so much. The man part was dreading the awful pain to come. When we’re afraid we can be like Jesus and pray.

(c) Elaine Tomski, Author of “Behind My Bellybutton”

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