The soldiers made Jesus carry his cross to the top of the hill outside the city. Then using big, long spikes, they nailed his hands and feet to the cross. A few hours later, He died. Jesus was a man, but He was God, too. He could have stopped the soldiers. Why didn’t he? Because both God and Jesus love us so much, they were willing for the hurt to happen to Jesus instead of you and me.

When the soldiers came to check on Jesus, and the two men crucified with Him, Jesus had already died. Just to make sure though, one of the soldiers stabbed Jesus in the side with a spear. 

It’s sad to think Jesus died in such a cruel way. He did it because He loved ALL sinners…you, me, people who tell lies, people who steal or disobey God in any way…even someone like the soldiers who stabbed Him.

(c) Elaine Tomski, Author of “Behind My Bellybutton”

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